Anglo Sikh History


A one-day trip to see the Sikh History in the streets of London.

Details can be found on the attached poster.

If you require any further information, then please email . Please book early to help event planning.


UPCOMING EVENT : Monopoly Board Tours

These tours provide visits to a selection of locations from Rav Singh’s multimedia lecture titled ‘Sikh History on the streets of London’ which adopts the famous London Monopoly board to provide a fascinating account of Sikh and Anglo-Sikh history.

Camp Trip 2017 : Thursday 6th April 2017 – a one-day trip to The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, with guided tours of the majestic palace which served as a hospital for recovering Indian soldiers during World War 1.  An afternoon on the seafront, and a visit to the Chattri Memorial on the return home.  Check out pictures below:

2nd June 2011 – Thetford Trip to visit the grave of Maharajah Duleep Singh


April 2011 – Neuve Chapelle France Trip

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