Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Karamsar Punjabi School co-ordinates classes in Eagle Claw Kung-Fu for children every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm.

Classes for Adults are run every Tuesday so if you are keen to learn or if you have any questions, then please contact Arjan Singh on the details listed below.

This is a great opportunity to learn this traditional Martial Art and students will:

  • Learn Self Defence Forms
  • Gain Mental, Spiritual & Physical Strength
  • Improve Flexibility & Posture
  • Build Confidence & Discipline
  • Learn Weapons Training

Classes typically involve: stretching, kicking, punching, and learning forms (techniques) and progression is measured by a grading system.

A Brief History of Eagle Claw Kung Fu

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Shaolin “Fan Tsi Eagle Claw” system is over a thousand years old and is a set of traditional and practical Chinese Kung Fu fighting techniques. This system has come from a long line of descent. Lau Fat Mang (The 7th Generation Eagle Claw Late Grandmaster) learnt this style who then passed it on to his daughter (Lily Lau) from a very young age. Through her years of dedication and determination she now has schools across the globe and she travels frequently to these schools where she presents seminars and workshops. One of her most respected teachers is Sifu Hari Singh Ji who has dedicated his life to this art. He spent several years in China and built up a vast range of knowledge.

Child Fees
The first 2 sessions for new students will be offered for free. Fees thereafter will be:

  • £20 per month for 1st child in the family
  • £15 per month for each additional child in the family
  • Or £7 Per class
    Registration forms are available in class or from the Karamsar School Office.

Recommended Dress Code
• Tracksuit bottoms
• T-shirt / top
• Flat trainers / plimsols
• Brings a bottle of water

Student Pledge
The student must show good character and judgment. They must have good manners, respect for not only the instructor, but also fellow students. The student must train diligently and they must have respect for the martial art.

Once the student has completed the basic level, a uniform will be required, this is to build discipline and spirit. Details on uniform will be provided nearer the time.

Classes will be held in the Karamsar Centre, Buckingham Road, Ilford, taught by Instructor Arjan Singh who has had the privilege of being taught from both Grandmaster Lily Lau & Master Hari Singh.


To register, please contact Instructor Arjan Singh on 07809 504600 or email arjankungfu@gmail.com