Karamsar History

Gurdwara Karamsar is located on the High Road between Ilford and Seven Kings Main line railway Stations. The original building was a Labour Party Hall, then in the early 1990’s it was acquired and converted into a Gurdwara by the local Sikh community under the guidance of Sant Partap Singh. It was a single storey building with the a prayer hall(Darbar) in the front and the community kitchen(Langar) towards the rear. The Gurdwara enjoyed tremendous success by catering to the spiritual and emotional needs of the community and it soon outgrew the existing facilities. Bigger and better facilities were clearly needed.


In 1998, with god’s grace and the community’s effort, a project was started to build a newly designed Gurdwara. The culmination of this huge effort is the magnificent Gurdwara now standing in place of the old Labour Hall. It was officially opened in April 2005 to coincide with Vaisakhi celebrations – commemorating the birth of the Khalsa Panth.

The building gracefully combines traditional sikh and mughlai designs with modern western architecture. Its façade and distinctive domes are perhaps its most striking features. Carved entirely from pink sandstone in Rajasthan-India, it was shipped to the UK and reassembled in-situ. The foyer is a grand and simple space with a skylight bringing in natural light all the way from the third floor. It has prayer halls on the first and second floors with the Langar hall on the ground floor. The interior is all white and uncomplicated. The ambiance of the place naturally lends itself to the main purpose of a Gurdwara which is to worship and realise the Lord.

Sangat outside Gurdwara - April 2005
Sangat outside Gurdwara – April 2005

Gurdwara Karamsar is inspired by the long line of distinguished personalities of Karamsar India, including Sant Isher Singh ji, Sant Kishan ji and Sant Teja Singh ji. The architect was Narinder Singh Assi of Agenda 21 and Durkan Pudelek the main contractor.

Everyone is welcome to Gurdwara Karamsar to partake the Lord’s blessings.

Gurdwara Karamsar has been officially sanctioned for marriages.